Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lady Demons

I woke up on Day 10 with my period, which now explains a lot on my previous post (see "Overwhelmed")

I have not really decided beforehand what I would do during this time, since many of my treatments involve direct contact with that region, but here is a list of what I will or will not be doing while my on my period:

I Will:
  • Allow myself to have sugar. I had been substituting my refined white sugar/high frutose corn syrup favorites, with coconut water and ginger root brew because I LOVE them and they are sweetened naturally (honey). Now, however, with a forgiving heart, I am allowing myself to also have the traditional, candy aisle stuff until my cravings are gone.
  • Continue the suppository treatment. I will include details on what exactly that is in a future post, but if you are wondering what I am talking about, see this post. It is basically a pre-soaked tampon. I can already see how fun that is going to be, but I only have a week and half til my LEEP procedure to be at my strongest, so it is going in. I am backing it up with a sanitary pad to help with the clean up (only during my period).
  • Continue having sitz bath. Have fun imaging that. I learned in middle school that you do not flow (period) in water, but even if I did, I would do it anyway. 10 days! That is all I have! (until LEEP)
  • Keep applying castor oil packs. Some women fear that apply warm packs to the abdominal area (for pain relieve and cramps) will increase bleeding to a dangerous amount. While I understand the logic of that fear, I have chosen to continue because my regular flows are not that heavy to begin with and because the type of pack I have is honestly not all that warm. Use your own discretion. 
I Will Not:
  • Skip any meals. Usually during this time eating is uncomfortable for me, but I can not afford to lose any energy or vitamins.
  • Stop exercising. I have a new routine at the direction of a collegiate athlete -- ie. intense. I do not recommend doing full workouts to anyone following my treatment plan. I am just informing readers of what I have chosen to do...because I am crazy and do not like losing to circumstances.

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