Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Candy or Candida?

So I as I mentioned in my first post, I'm addicted to candy. The sugary kind with no nutritional value or naturally occurring ingredients. Because I travel for months at a time, whenever I find myself in a foreign country, I usually back off on the candy intake simply because I hate whatever watered down, barely sweet, starchy alternatives to my favorites they have. But I am currently home (California), and I have had at least two full bags of candy a day -- first thing in the morning! Rise and shine baby!

Besides potentially risking diabetes, this addiction brings into my life repeatedly...yeast infections. Though there are a myriad of causes for yeast infections, some of which also apply to me, my number one issue is definitely refined sugar in-take.

As a testimony to improving good health -- see below -- I have decided to finally give myself a healthy vagina in every way possible. As of 4 days ago I began remedying my yeast infection with probiotics. The probiotics I choose were ones I had repeatedly seen online as essential to the vaginal area. Also the brand I selected was popular in the websphere for being effective and alive.

Aliment: Yeast infection
Symptoms: Thick discharge, yeasty smell, occasional itching, very red and irritated 
Duration: on and off for years

Active Ingredient: L.rhamnosus GR-1, L.reuteri RC-14
Brand: Fem Dophilus Jarrow Formulas
Dosage: 2 pills a day or 10 billion cfu
Availibility: Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon.com, Whole Foods
Price: $20 for 30, $31 for 60
Special note: keep refriderated! Do not mix with other probiotics or antibiotics
Risks: none known

Sexually Active: yes, though not at time of treatment
Condoms: yes, latex no spermicide (spermicide increases risk of yeast infection)
Oral Contraceptives: No, never
Other medications: none
Other supplements: voiding other types of probiotics

Personal Causes: poor hygiene, infected panties, high sugar intake

Progress: Day 4
So it has been day four days and I have not noticed a difference. I plan on seeing the final result at the end of two weeks, accounting for some errors in treatment (missed pills, exposure to old yeasty panties, non synthetic running clothes, missed showers). On day three I forgot to take one pill, making that daily dosage only 5 billion cfu (5 billion short of what I read it would take to build a colony), but other than that I have been faithfully taking them. I have about 2 weeks or less before my period starts, so ideally I would like to have a major part of my treatment done. Having my period keeps me moist down there, and also changes the ph of my vaginal area. I would like to get her healthy and strong before I start my lady demons.

My current status is still a thick discharge and some itching.

Also, of course, I am cutting down on my sugar intake and increasing my exercise regimen.

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