Friday, May 20, 2011

BeeHive Health and Nutrition

They saved my life! and would have saved my gas money.

I have been herb hunting on foot and by phone for days and coming up short. I started at Whole Foods which gave me a bulk of what I needed. Unfortunately, they didn't always have the best prices and one of the boxes of tea I bought was filled with an empty, ballooned bag. Whomp whomp.

I filled in the gaps with Vitamin Shoppe which is smaller and easier to handle, but did not supply some of the more exotic items on the list -- comfrey or calendula. The staff, while well-informed on their products, was not well-versed in holistic healing.

It was during round 4 or 5 that I randomly found BeeHive online. I called ahead and discovered they had one of my missing herbs, comfrey, at a ridiculously low price. I won't quote the price here, because the sales associate -- and I, to be honest -- think it was a misprint, but she gave it to me anyway.

They did not have the calendula I was looking for, but she was the only one who remembered its floral name, Marigold, and shortly after I went to a nursery and just bought the live flower -- 3 boxes to be exact. Other than that they had just about everything I needed all in the same store, with plenty of different brands to choose from.

So there you go. BeeHive, in South San Jose. Be there.

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