Thursday, May 19, 2011

HPV Treatment #2: Vitex

There are a few herbs listed on The Plan that I am anxious about taking. Vitex is one of them.

I decided to add it to my regime even though the case study I'm following did not include it. More personal research on this is pending, but it seems hormones could play an indirect role in the appearance or treatment of HPV. That and because I still have not gotten my hands on all the ingredients I will need for more direct treatments of the virus, I figured I might as well work on the overall wellness of my lady parts until I officially get started.

The other reason I am taking the risk of bulking up my supplement regime with vitex is I have a short deadline for getting healthy. Exactly 2 weeks until I am in Italy -- a country where iron supplements require a prescription. Then of course, the countdown to my 26th birthday (yay!), when I will no longer be under mom and pops' insurance (boo). As of today, I have 27 days. **And as I just found out 2 minutes ago, 13 days until my LEEP procedure.

The risks, however, seem to be far more published than the benefits. On many sites the side effects were listed as hair loss, headache and nausea, but varied beyond that to rashes, hives, difficulties breathing, etc. If any of these symptoms occur I will definitely post an update blog.

So here's what I'll be doing:

Aliment: Cervical Dysplasia, grade 2
Secondary: Excess Estrogen
Symptoms: Visibly none
Duration: Unknown

Active Ingredient: Vitex berry/fruit (aka Chaste Tree)
Brand: Nature's Way
Dosage: 3 capsules (1200 mg) daily for 3-4 months, then 2 capsules (800 mg) daily for 2 months.
Availability:, Whole Foods
Price: $7.99
Special Note: Not directly connected to aiding HPV. Will be taking in 7-day intervals with 1 day breaks in between.
Risks: For women who are pregnant or taking contraceptives this might not be the best. According to and many many other websites, risks for even other women can be hair loss, diarrhea, headaches, nausea, rashes, tightness of chest, and etc. These side effects were linked with unspecified amounts of Vitex or method of ingestion.

Other medications: Nope, impending LEEP procedure
Other Supplements: probiotics, licorice tea, folic acid, echinacea 
Recent Procedures: biospy, colposcopy, impending LEEP procedure

Also note, I haven't found a recommended dosage.  I have decided to take medium to low dosages of the herb and applying a one day break every seven days for 3 to 4 months, then easing off for 2 months after that.

Ultimately, I will be combining this herb with two other hormone balancing herbs, licorice root tea and burdock root (see blog for dosages). Hopefully, they each balance each other out. 

Oh, and this is the beginning of Day 2 of Vitex for me. So far, I have all my hair :).

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