Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This blog is the direct result of my resent discovery of cervical dysplasia.

Up until a few weeks ago I was a relatively healthy young adult. I ran, I ate health foods and junk foods, I slept 6-9 hours, I never drank, I never smoked (anything), I traveled, I meddled with herbs and supplements, and I avoided almost all types of conventional medicines for years.

Now, however, that I've been medically diagnosed with the pre-cancerous stages of HPV, I've decided to test my knowledge of the herbs and supplements I studied for pleasure on myself. I will walk you through every remedy I attempt and be the most detailed and honest guinea pig I can be.

I will not only post the result of direct treatment for cervical dysplasia, but other health issues I have as well.

It goes without saying, but I am NOT a medical professional, or even a well informed armature. I will be learning through trial and error of remedies others have recommended and validating their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) with my personal results. I will do my best to research every method and ingredient used, but I suggest you also do the same.

Age: 25 (going on 26 in a few weeks)
Race: mixed
Gender: female
Fitness: prior athlete, currently moderate
Worst Addiction: refined white sugar
Best Habit: drinking herbal teas (no sugar)
Medication: none, almost never

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