Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fem Dophilus for the Win: Day 6

Here's an update on my probiotic treatment for my strong yeast infection as of today:

  • Lower occurrence of discharge
  • Much less amount of discharge
  • Outside area is less red
  • A little less itching
Overall feeling pretty confident the probiotics are kicking in. I haven't changed other variables too much. I still have more or less the typical American diet (mealtimes sprinkled with junk food sessions), as well as my terrible addiction to tight, non synthetic work-out clothes. Two things I do have to note that could be strengthening the effective of this treatment are that I rarely wear panties anymore (never cotton) and two, I am currently undergoing a heavy herbal treatment simultaneously. 

For the most part I have been following the decided upon dosage faithfully, apart from sometime during Day 3 when I only took 1 pill instead of 2. Hopefully, but the end of next week -- and my supply -- I'll be (bad) yeast free!

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