Saturday, May 28, 2011

HPV Treatment #4: Castor Oil

What and Why?

It is a vegetable oil made of castor beans and I am not going to eat it; I am going to make a castor oil pack from it. The belief is that castor oil penetrates the skin to heal organs. I have found many personal cases on cervical dysplasia forums that encouraged the use, but I could not find a single reference that stated it healed or even simulated the cervix or vaginal area. What I did find was that almost every site recommended that it be placed over the liver, which as I mentioned in a prior post could be advantageous in an indirect way.

The Liver and Estrogen

The presence of excess estrogen is dangerous for us with cervical dsyplasia in that it increases cellular growth of good and bad cells. Normally, an efficient liver would eliminate the excess estrogen. If, however, your liver is congested, the same excess estrogen which had already ran through your organs (what calls "mutated estrogen") will pass through your liver and make yet another round, except this time be very ineffective in helping your body. The result: estrogen in excess and mutated promoting cellular growth and travelling aimlessly through our bodies.

Aliment: Cervical Dysplasia, grade 2
Secondary: Excess Estrogen, Inefficient Liver
Symptoms: Visibly none, PMS
Duration: Unknown

Active Ingredient: Castor oil
Brand: The Palma Christi Castor Oil
Dosage: 1 pack for 1 hr/day, 3 days at a time (3 on, 3 off), 3 months
Availability:, Whole Foods
Price: $5.99
Special Note: I have used cheaper, non-organic brands in the past and had a terrible allergic reaction (hives and irritated, red rashes).
Risks: Can stain clothes. Also, be careful when handling the oil heated.

Other Medications: Nope, impending LEEP procedure
Other Supplements: licorice, probiotics, vitex, folic acid, echinacea, goldenseal, burdock, tea oil, calendula, comfrey leaf, eucalyptus, sage
Recent Procedures: biospy, colposcopy

How To Make a Castor Oil Pack

I found varying recipes, but the most straight forward approach was this 1980's video clip I found at Fitsugar. If you can get past the fact that it looks like back drop of that cult-like Swan center from LOST, you will see that they are very clear on the amounts and handling of the pack that might not be clear with written directions. 

Progress Day 9

I started using the pack 9 days ago, and have not been diligent in my applications. I did 3 days in a row and should have re-started my second  3-day round yesterday. My main problem, other than not having time, is that I do not have a kitchen. The video highly suggests avoiding microwaves for the preparation of the pack, but at the moment that is all I have. I leave it in there for about a minute and use a water bottle filled with warm water to keep the pack warm.

I have not felt any tangible effects from its usage and doubt I will in the future. On some forums, testimonies of popping, releasing, or other types of radical changes or movements are found. One lady had sworn she physically felt a piece of scar tissue stretch away like a rubber band in a sudden painful, but quick movement. 

I do not expect any kind of the sort during my treatment, but if my liver happens to snap, crackle, or pop I will be sure to blog about it.

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