Saturday, May 28, 2011

HPV Treatment: Update

Headaches, nausea, and more headaches.

Today is now Day 16 of my overall regimen, but Day 10 of The Plan.

All of today and especially yesterday I have been battling throbbing headaches and nausea. It began the day before pretty early on. I woke up with about 7 hours a sleep and felt defeated. I could barely muster the energy to sit up in bed and decided to stay in an extra hour or so until I felt better. The headache was already beginning when I took my first pill (probiotic), and by the time I had the second and third (vitex, slightly large, and folic acid) I was too nauseous to take the rest. Other than a tea (licorice), those were the only supplements I allowed myself. I spent the day entirely irritable and emotional. The pain got worse as time went by and neither eating nor sleeping resolved the pain.

On Day 11 of the plan I decided to completely cut out any treatments. I began my day with no pain, but as soon as I started stirring around in my bed the headaches started to return. I was in attendance at a graduation party where I socialized on my feet for hours and felt fine. I had a plenty to eat and drink and felt relative good with only spurts of nausea or headaches. The only thing I was taking was ginger in the form of candy and soda to counterattack the nausea and I took no pain-killers for the headaches.

Prior to this, there was only one other time in my life when I felt these kind of symptoms, when I overdosed on vitamin C. The daily allowance was max. 2 tablets a day and I had taken 23 in a two-day period. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I could not leave my bed, let alone reach water or the bathroom. It was not until the second day when I was given a glass of water and able to pass the vitamins through my system that I started to feel better.

This is what leads me to believe I am taking too much of one of those vitamins. During Day 6 of The Plan I had this same 2-day episode, and yet I cannot figure out what the difference is between these two times that I had headaches and nausea and the other days when I took full dosages and was fine.

Tomorrow I will ease my way back into my vitamin and supplement regimen. Hopefully I will be able to pin point which of the things I am taking are causing the problem.

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