Friday, May 20, 2011

HPV Treatment #3: Burdock Root

What and Why?

This is another estrogen balancing herb I decided to add to the mix. Originally, I was on the fence about adding it in The Plan because of some of the potential risks it has when mixed with licorice root (see below), but after researching the role estrogen plays in dyplasia, I have decided to keep it.

Estrogen and Cervical Dysplasia

Excess estrogen causes cell multiplication, including the abnormal cells responsible for gynecological cancers, according to flowing The imbalance of estrogen can come from oral contraceptives, alcohol consumption, or even foods, sunscreens, plastics, preservatives and dairy products that produce a similar chemical, xenoestrogens, that mimic the cell multiplication of estrogen.

Aliment: Cervical Dysplasia, grade 2
Secondary: Excess Estrogen
Symptoms: Visibly none
Duration: Unknown

Active Ingredient: Burdock Root
Brand: Alvita Burdock Root Tea Bags
Dosage: 2-6 grams in 500 ml of water, 1 cup, 3-4 times daily (undecided)
Availability: BeeHive Health Store, Whole Foods
Price: $4.99
Special Note: Only 29 grams per box, may need higher dosage
Risks: Contaminated burdock can slow heart rate or cause dry mouth. Can cause diuretic effects with combined with licorice root according to this site. If taking internally it can interfere with iron intake, and those with allergies to certain flowers like marigolds, may also be allergic to burdock root.

Other Medications: Nope, impending LEEP procedure
Other Supplements: licorice, probiotics, vitex, folic acid, echinacea, goldenseal
Recent Procedures: biospy, colposcopy

Progress Day 2
I officially started the burdock tea last night with a single cup. The entire box has 29 grams, so I do not think I am taking the full dosage that I have written above. But because I also take Vitex, I am not too worried about that.

So far it has not been conflicting too much with the licorice tea. I have been careful not to take the teas one after another, giving about at least and hour or so in between.

I should note that the diuretic effect has been my biggest obstacle since I hate with a passion drinking water. Today was a relatively cool day and I noticed when I woke up my pee was a bright yellow. For those who already drink water, it should not be a problem. The effect is not too far off from the same dehydration you would get from coffee drinking. Lastly, just as an extra measure, I make sure to have a banana once a day and some kind of electrolyte to counteract the loss of fluids; especially now that I am running daily.

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