Friday, June 10, 2011

My Very First LEEP Procedure

I recently had my Leep procedure and I have to admit it was more terrifying than I first believed. I would have preferred to postpone the whole thing until August so that I could give the $200 ("pennies") worth of natural remedies a chance to intervene. Be that as it may, my insurance was up in two weeks and more detrimental than that wass my flight to Italy. As a matter of fact, I drafted this entry in an airport lobby.

As you can conclude, there was nothing so bad about this that would keep one strapped to a bed cuddling a heat pack; otherwise I would not be lugging around my laptop and taking a 13-hour flight the next day. My personal experience matched that of every typical personal, post-procedure account found on any given Leep forum.

The wait, really, is what ate me alive. I was so nervous I could not eat. I spend the day pacing in my room, re-reading about the procedure and any vitamins or supplements that might cause complications (note: I had been 5 days off The Plan because of fear of overdose). Among my findings was that the red kelp (or Irish Moss) I was taking could cause a blood thinning effect and that "local anesthetic" was code for vaginal injection(s).

Needlessly to say, I stayed tense and anxious up until the time I was in the stir-ups. So much so, that they had to literally wrestle that 8-inch spectrum in me. After 5 minutes of having my insides rammed with the spectrum, I decided to take deep breathes and relax my muscles, in hopes I would take it in better; it worked.

Once that was in I had some light cramping, and whenever it was knocked around I felt the urge to use the restroom. As this point I should mention that for whatever reason, the display monitor for the procedure was facing me, projecting a full view of my lady parts. It was a little overwhelming, and while initially feelings of vulnerability washed over me, I decided still to take peeks at the entire procedure keeping in mind that it might help the blog -- you're welcome.

My doctor then discussed the dangers of the smoke resulting for the procedure carrying HPV and we all wore masks to prevent from inhaling the virus (what I found confusing, is that I read in forums that one person could not re-contract the same HPV strand, but whatever). Another 5 to 10 minutes passed before the injections were given, so I was still jittery and fearful. The first injection was the most painful, but at the same time, not as painful as I expected. It felt like a shallow, very thin poke with a little bit of a bite immediately afterwards. It faded quickly, just as I had read on a forum. I was very disappointed, however, when I continued to feel the following two injections. I made a small peep to alert my doctor I was not numb. He tested my sensibility with a medical instrument to see if it hurt. It did. (note: I encounter this same problem in the dentists' office). They offered another round of injections, which I guess I preferred over feeling the peeling of my cervix.

It was literally two minutes once the removal process started and it was over. I did not watch the injections, but I did catch the removal process on the monitor. The incision area reminded me of cooked meat, but there was nothing bloody or unsightly about it.

Shortly after I changed and wiped off the vinegar they sprayed on me. I was given a pad which I did not soak at all, even a full day after the procedure.

Normally, results should arrive 2 weeks after the procedure, but since I will not be in the country I will be waiting til July for my update. Until then I will be partially resuming The Plan. I have been taking an Irish Moss blend for 3 days to help fight the actual virus and restarted a half dose of echinacea to counteract the immuno-suppressant effects of the carraggeen component in the Irish Moss. I will also slowly restart my prior folic acid dosage to prevent the development of scar tissue, but for now I receive it through enriched cereals (Cheerios Multigrain cereal with 100% folic acid in a single serving is good). Sitz baths and suppositories are off the table for at least 3 weeks, so I will be doing only oral treatments during that hiatus.

Now that the Leep procedure has given me a clean slate, I feel physically ready to battle off cervical dysplasia  indefinitely. Good luck to the rest of you.

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